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Tessa Verder started her career in her native country of the Netherlands.
She lived and worked in Haarlem, the city famous for being the centre of the rich Dutch painting tradition. There, she was captured by the idea that, although times have changed, there is still a strong connection between today’s reality and those depictions.

She started to combine her own photographs with realistic master paintings. But although Verder was using realistic paintings in her work, it could less and less be classified as a modern interpretation of realism.
To create work that was reflecting more emotion than just reality, she began to lean more towards the German Romantic period and hence her move to Berlin became inevitable.

In the Romantic painting tradition Verder recognizes the quest for the ultimate
- the ultimate where emotions are the guiding principle.
” A painter should not only paint what he sees before him, but also what he sees within him”, as Caspar David Friedrich said.

Similar to the Romantic painters, Verder travels a lot to find her ultimate subjects. She uses models and landscapes to create a world in itself deploys
a mixture of contemporary techniques.
Also her images are no longer generated in just an European context,
but include experiences that reflect today’s existence.